The Baby Room

  • The baby room provides a welcoming space for up to 12 babies at any one time, our dedicated staff team which have been chosen carefully for their caring and understanding manner provided at least one member of staff to three babies. The room is well ventilated and benefits from natural light; the room features a separate sleep room, milk kitchen and nappy changing facility. Babies have access to their own outdoor soft surface area, providing them with a safe and secure play space with wonderful views of the pond and its visiting wildlife.
  • This is a 12 place room and the staff ratio is 1:3.  It is a large room with windows which look out over the pond
  • There is a sleep room within this room which is checked every 5 minutes when babies are in there.  We like babies to sleep in this room in cots as it encourages restful sleep. Mum’s who  want to breast feed baby on collection can also use this room
  • When a baby comes to us at 3 months we follow baby’s own routine of feeds and sleep until they reach 1 year then they eat nursery food and follow nursery routine
  • Babies have their own secure soft surface area outside.
  • Parents are kept informed of babies progress each day both verbally and in the form of a written diary which details feeds, nappy changes and activities
  • A profile on each baby is begun and this follows the child through the nursery.  It details every stage of their development with lots of photographs and examples of work.  When the child leaves nursery the profile is given to the parents so that they have a record of all the lovely things their child has done whilst at nursery

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