Learning and Development

We are committed to the principles of The Early Years Foundation stage (EYFS) this is a national guidance for children from birth to five years. The EYFS is central to our provision allowing children to learn through play, experience and opportunity both indoors and outdoors. We believe that play strengthens all development and learning of young children, most children will play spontaneously, although some may need adult support. In support of this we provide a healthy balance of adult led and child initiated time during the day allowing our dedicated staff team to support individuals appropriately. Our environment supports every childís learning through planned experiences and activities that are challenging but achievable. It is through this approach we believe that children develop intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally.

We believe that the role of the adult is a key factor to childrenís development; we operate a key person system allowing the adult to meet the individualís needs allowing the adult to understand and consider their current interests, development and learning.

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